Our Team - Global and Israel

Miriam Rachel Magen-Shields

CEO, Co-Founder and General Partner -Roshem Ventures | Founder - Roshem Impact and Roshem Strategic Communications | General Partner - SHEFA Regeneration Outcomes Fund | Co-Founder - SHEFA Public Benefit Corporation | Co-Founder - Roshem Foundation and Institute

Raphael Bitterman

Co-Founder and Managing Partner - Roshem Ventures | Co-Founder - SHEFA Public Benefit Corporation | Board Member - Roshem Foundation

Yael Bitterman

Director of Finance - Roshem Ventures

Ramadan Ibn Ameen

Senior Operating Partner and Director of Finance at Roshem Ventures | Senior Impact Finance Fellow at the Roshem Foundation and Institute | CEO at Stone Digital


Saul Singer

Executive Director - Roshem Foundation | Director of Strategy - Roshem Ventures | Sustainable Trade and Equitable Supply Chain Development | Co-Founder and CEO - CMTREX | Co-Founder - SHEFA Public Benefit Corporation

Margaret Mondlane

Environment, Social and Governance Risk Manager | Benefit Officer - Roshem Impact and Roshem PBC

Strategic Communications and Technical Assistance

Selena Ivanovic

Sustainable Development and Communications Strategy | Rural Innovation Working Group Lead - Roshem Impact | Managing Director - Roshem Strategic Communications | Co-Founder and Director of Communications - Roshem Foundation

Milos Jovanovic

Director of Media Production - Roshem Strategic Communications

Nemanja Tomanovic

Director of Technology - Roshem Strategic Communications | Technology for Sustainable Development Working Group Lead - Roshem Impact