Competitive Strategy

We develop business strategy based on the principles of Creating Shared Value.


Improved governance policies, corporate culture, communications and marketing strategy are implemented as part of a mission-driven focus.

Impact Metrics

We utilize impact metrics and measure our outcomes in order to substantiate the integrity of the ventures, social enterprises and policies we develop.

We take on client projects in collaboration with businesses, new ventures and nonprofits that can clearly document their impact strategy through feasibility reports, references, and impact metrics. Our global team supports developed and enterprise-scale companies seeking to improve their impact and make positive changes to their governance and management.

We utilise indicators including the B Impact Assessment: whether a company is already B Corporation certified, has filled out the B Impact Assessment and working to prepare for certification, or is generally enthusiastic about becoming certified and willing to embark on the process.

We also look at company structure: if the venture operates as a private limited-liability company or corporation, have they amended governing documents to be able to prioritise social and environmental impact?

If a Benefit Corporation legal structure is not available in their country of origin, and they are looking to scale to new markets, have they considered incorporating as a Public Benefit Corporation in the USA or Community Interest Company in the UK as opposed to a standard C Corporation or Private Limited Company?

Together, our team members working in Canada, Israel, Serbia, South Africa, and the United States provide business development support, communications strategy, impact measurement and management, acceleration and venture scaling programs to mission-driven business leaders and teams across the world.

Roshem Impact

Roshem Impact is one of our initiatives. We support the cultivation of authentic natural foods while also nurturing a social and environmental impact-focused corporate culture. We invest in sustainable development within the local environments we work from, and in the growth, knowledge, long-term health and financial security of our team members.

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