Regenerative Innovation

Our global team, affiliates and partners provide support and acceleration to social innovators, mission-driven businesses and entrepreneurs.

Who We Are

Roshem Ventures in Israel is an impact investment management firm that oversees a portfolio of real estate and infrastructure as part of a Rural Innovation Center network development initiative.

Roshem Ventures further manages acceleration, impact business development, and educational programs in Israel in partnership with the Roshem Foundation team, and the Roshem Institute for impact investing education and Fellowship programs are a part of this combined initiative.

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Rural Innovation

Creating Opportunity for Sustainable Development through Technological, Financial and Agricultural Innovation.

We’re On a Mission to Develop a Regenerative Economy by Investing in People, Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Purposeful Products.

Our Solutions

The Roshem team provides strategic communications, purpose-driven marketing, impact management and business development solutions.

Our Impact Is Global

As part of the global work of Roshem, an in-house marketing, IT and communications team manages both the firm’s own digital properties and those of its client, investee and accelerator program participants.

Roshem Impact is the impact consultancy, impact measurement and management, and on-the-ground team company managing Roshem’s regenerative business, product and agricultural development.

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